Top 20 Search Terms to Find US Logistics and Transportation Companies on Google

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If you are in the logistics and transportation business, being all over the place is an indication that your company is doing great. By constantly hauling freight up and down the country or even around the world you generate greater customer appeal as well as more revenue. Nevertheless, the opposite is true when it comes to your search engine rankings. To generate desirable results your website must stay at the top in search engine results. Occupying the top position is only made possible through search engine optimization (SEO) keywords.

Search Engine Optimization keywords are the phrases and terms on your website that match the words your audience types into search engines to find solutions to their queries. SEO is the first step towards optimizing your website so that it continues to rank top in search engine results. Unlike traditional advertising techniques like cold calling or advertisements, search engine optimization is all about the long term. SEO keywords are ideal for improving your search engine rankings over time, providing you with permanent and long-lasting success.

Search engines take several factors into consideration when ranking websites. Some of the factors considered include the relevance of your website’s content to the search terms, the number of external links to your web page, the targeted keyword and the performance of your social media channels.

A company’s main keywords are often its services, products, and/ or solutions to the different customer queries. A third-party logistics company, for instance, can create a detailed list of keywords that includes fulfillment, packaging, warehousing, and much more. If you aren’t sure how to find the relevant keywords for your logistics and transportation company, ask yourself what terms your customers use to discuss your products or services, how your company defines its products and services, and what search phrases you would like your company to show up under in search engine results. Here are the top 20 search terms to find US Logistics and Transportation companies on Google:


  1. Transportation
  2. Transportation jobs
  3. Transportation airport
  4. Shipping
  5. Transportation city
  6. Transportation department of
  7. Florida transportation
  8. US freight transportation
  9. Travel transportation
  10. Transportation service
  11. Government transportation
  12. Public transportation
  13. Logistics
  14. Luggage transportation
  15. New transportation
  16. Airport transportation service
  17. Transportation service providers
  18. Logistics companies
  19. Shipping providers
  20. Government transportation services

Not all logistics and transportation companies offer similar services to the same types of clients. Keywords are vital in making the distinctions clear. To rank favorably, include your chosen phrases and keywords throughout your web page including headers and titles. Furthermore, you should come up with a menu of services and assign a separate page to each type of service.

Every day, billions of people rely on Google and other search engines to find answers to their queries. As we speak, there are slightly more than 1.2 million freight shipping companies in the United States alone. When your potential customers search for logistics and transportation companies online, you want your company to rank at the top in the search engine results.

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