In Winning the Story Wars,

Jonah Sachs (2012) argues that there is a difference between “inadequacy marketing” and “empowerment marketing.” Inadequacy marketing employs story to show consumers where they lack (not pretty enough, not rich enough, not cool enough) and how a product can fix that. Empowerment marketing, on the other hand, uses story to entice the consumer to a higher calling, rather than appealing to the baser emotions of fear or love of money.

The StoryBrand framework changes everything.

Here’s how it works. You’re the guide and your customer is the hero in their story. It’s that simple. Your job is to guide your customer, to serve your customer’s story. This paradigm shift has the potential to change the way companies do business. Your goal isn’t only to make money, it’s to help your customer along her journey, calling her to something more. This offers a gentler approach to selling, and allows your company to filter products, solutions, and marketing through the lens of service.

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