Social Media Mistakes to Avoid Making

Social media marketing is an important part of your digital marketing strategy and whether you’re new to the transportation industry or not, the best digital profiles are propelling businesses forward. However, to succeed you must make sure that you’re handling your social media marketing correctly.

Before you hit publish on your next social media post, consider whether you’re making any of these mistakes, before doing damage to your online reputation.

  1. Having no social media strategy

Without having a proper social media strategy in mind, you cannot expect to deliver an effective message to your audience. When considering your strategy, make sure you define your distinct brand message, set goals and plan a social media calendar. Remember that posting blindly is ineffective, so having a clear strategy in place will help you get started in creating the most engaging content in the industry.


  1. Creating too many social media accounts

You might find yourself getting too caught up in what a competitor is doing, that you start signing up for too many social media channels at once. The issue is that you do not have a strategy or the time to create quality content that engages. Don’t sign up to platforms that you don’t picture to work for your brand or target audience – an abandoned page can be more damaging than no page at all and reflects that you’re disorganized. Our advice is to start off simple and branch out once you are confident that you can offer quality and relevant content for each channel while engaging with your growing audience.


  1. Paying for Fake Followers

Sure, millions of followers may help leverage your business and boost your ego, but it won’t help with increasing your return-on-investment or user engagement. Your aim should be to build a genuine relationship with your audience and forget about the vanity numbers.


  1. Forgetting to proofread

It may seem obvious, but you will be surprised by just how often companies make the mistake of not proofreading their posts. Keep an eye out for missed punctuation, grammar errors and double-check the spelling of words. You might find that tools like Grammarly will soon become your best friend. Remember that spelling and grammar may seem petty, but it can damage your online presence and affect your credibility.


  1. Neglecting the social aspect of social media

Your audience expects you to be responsive and wants to feel like they are speaking to real people, not corporate robots. Humanize your brand by taking the time to build valuable relationships and connecting with your audience.

Struggling to get your brand’s personality to shine through social media? Let us help establish your online presence and take your business to new heights with a digital marketing strategy that is proven to help trucking and logistics companies just like yours!

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