[Infographic] 10 Types of Visual Content Your Company Should be Using

Content Creation forms an integral part of your digital marketing strategy and while the use of language is vital to communicating your brand’s message, it is more likely to be well-received if you include engaging visual content. Truth is. nobody likes to read walls of texts and for your brand to succeed, it’s a good idea to put some focus on the visual content that you’re creating.

Here are 10 types of visual content that you could use when creating your content plan:

credit: designschool.canva.com

In the trucking and logistics industry, we have found that each of these 10 types of visual content ideas do really well in creating a buzz for your company. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right type to achieve your campaign goals. Feeling overwhelmed? Message us and let us help amplify your digital presence now!

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