How SEO-rich blog posts boosts sales

In recent months Google has updated its algorithm so that it focuses more on your website’s content than on what your SEO specialist is doing on the back-end. What this means is that we’re shifting our focus from the technical side of SEO and spending more time on creating blog posts and content that emphasizes your role in the transportation and logistics industry.

As an SEO specialist, this doesn’t mean my job is any less relevant. It just means that instead of spending all my time feeding Google instructions to get you to rank higher, I can now focus on creating SEO-rich content that reflects your company’s culture while also providing insight into industry trends, highlights and company news.

There are several benefits to having a blog which include driving traffic to your website, building trust among potential customers and once you’ve earned that loyalty, it is likely that they will keep coming back to learn more about how your company is adopting the latest innovations in the transportation. You will even find that from reading your blog posts, they will be encouraged to follow you on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The latest algorithm update focuses on creating a better user experience which means that websites that offer relevant information will rank higher on Google. This means that you should be investing in creating original and quality content that encourages engagement from your audience. The benefits of doing so, go far beyond your Google rankings but will also help boost your sales.

Our clients who have a content marketing strategy carried across their sales management landing pages have found that frequently updated blog posts and tweets have steadily increased their organic search traffic through all of Google’s updates and that the number of referring keywords have also increased.

Another often overlooked part of SEO content is social media, remember that your blog posts get people talking, sharing and liking. In fact, Bing uses Facebook Likes as a ranking signal for logged in users, while Google says it is working on using Google +1 as their ranking signal and that tweets help Google index content faster.

So why are more than 80% of all marketers investing in content creation, like blogs? Because using your website to tell your company’s story, makes you an authority within the transportation and logistics industry, and customers trust authority.

We’re seeing an increase in content conversion where 52% of customers feel that blog posts have impacted their buying decisions, while 57% of marketers are seeing an increase in sales from focusing on SEO-rich blog posts. Most interesting is that 61% of customers are more likely to choose the transportation company that offers custom content and industry insights.

The result is that more transportation and logistics companies are focusing on creating new and consistent blog posts that feature SEO-rich content while offering invaluable information that helps their customer make confident buying decisions and standing out as a leader among their peers.

The problem is that most logistics companies don’t have a dedicated team working on creating a unified message across their website, blog and social media networks. Or maybe, they don’t have the time to figure it all out. We can all see and understand the benefit of focusing on content marketing – but it’s not a priority when you’re managing several sales teams, solving logistical issues and paving the way within the industry.

That’s where we come in! AMT Squirrel Works is your partner in digital marketing, offering you an all-in-one solution where you no longer have to worry about what an algorithm means, and why their latest changes are affecting your sales. Better yet, you never have to worry about being in Google’s bad books or feel like your customer can’t find you. With us, we take care of your digital marketing needs, from websites to social media and even SEO, we have a team of experts waiting to take your business to new heights.

If you’d like to learn more about our service, click here to schedule a meeting with us today!

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