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Logistics marketing in 2021

2020 has been a crazy year for the transportation and logistics industry. Freight has been at all-time highs and shippers are finally starting to adjust the pricing to match the capacity. It may seem like an odd time to consider marketing, you know, considering you’re probably having a busy year. In this blog we’re going to talk about some of the must do things when it comes to your transportation and logistics marketing in 2021.


Clarifying your message:


Let’s face it, sales and marketing are tricky in any industry, but especially so in transportation and logistics. People on the receiving end of your phone call have heard it all, and probably 20 times that day alone. That is why it’s super important to make sure you have a strong message that is clear and concise when you’re selling. There is nothing worse than going through a sales call and feeling like you just talked in circles.


Here at Squirrel Works we are big believers in story and using story in your selling process. For hundreds of years humans have been wired for story, so it makes it easy to wrap someone into your pitch when you tell a good story. 


Align your website to your messaging:


In today’s times the first thing most of us do after talking to someone new is to jump online and see what you can find on them. It’s no different in the business world. So it makes us pose the question, does the messaging on your website accurately reflect what your sales team is saying on the phone?


When you work through a framework such as the storybrand framework you are able to create clear and concise messaging that can be used in the selling process, but can also double as the meat of the content on your website. By aligning your messaging you make it very easy for your freight prospects to simply convert on your website.


Get active on social media:


I know it can be awkward at first as you may not know entirely what to do or where to go on social media. But, the best advice is to just get started. At Squirrel Works, we have found that LinkedIn is a powerful tool and has helped many of the sales reps we work with to get stickier with not only the lead they’re talking to but the company as a whole.


Start off easy by just liking a few posts by thought leaders in the space and work your way up from there. Hashtags can be an effective way to find a big audience of people talking about topics that directly relate to your business. For instance, the hashtag #shipping has over 90,000 followers and over 444,000 posts to look at. We really recommend sales reps in the transportation and logistics industry to add socials as part of their sales cadence.

Build a list:


If content is King, the list of people getting that content is the Queen. If you’re wondering where to start in regards to building your list, you’re not alone. Most transportation and logistics companies don’t build lists so that they continue to reach out to prospects that they weren’t able to convert originally. These leads could be a no for timing, pricing, or several other factors. 


If your sales team is currently using a Customer Relationship Management tool like Salesforce or Hubspot you are probably already tracking the status of the leads in your system. To build a list you would just need to run a report inside of the CRM to build a list of all of the prospects you weren’t able to convert due to timing or pricing. Logistics companies using email marketing effectively are seeing increases in the volume of freight they’re able to secure.


2020 was a crazy year for freight brokers and carriers alike and it doesn’t look like that is going to stop heading into 2021. If you’re looking to increase your marketing presence while also increasing sales reach out to the Squirrel Works team.