Marketing for Trucking Companies: We can help!

We talk to trucking companies all the time, and we know you are busy right now. So busy, that marketing is probably the last thing on your list. When capacity gets tight, you’re on the road making money. Now doesn’t seem like the right time to focus on getting more business.


Except right now is the perfect time to up your game.


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic remains a factor–freight volumes are exceeding the number of trucks on the road, and this creates a shortage. Which means if you’re working, it’s likely you have more cash flow to put into growth incentives. And these freight volumes are expected to continue their rise in August while capacity is looking to remain the same. Carriers who are reporting stronger than expected earnings believe the demand will continue.


Here at Squirrel Works, we’ve been in logistics for a long time. In fact, we’re certified transportation brokers with a passion for marketing, and we understand how the transportation industry works. It’s a roller coaster, right. Sometimes the market favors trucking companies and other times it favors shippers. And while this roller coaster is exciting you never know when the cycle will change.  And when it does, you want to be in position to ride it out.


That’s where a good marketing strategy comes in. And it all begins with a clear, concise website. Squirrel Works can help.


  • You need a concise, clear message. If you do, you can attract new customers and broaden your base.  


  • You need a clear website that will pass the grunt test. What does this mean? A potential customer should be able to understand what you do in the first 3-5 seconds of looking at your website. If they can’t, your website needs help.  


Marketing you can count on.


At Squirrel Works we’ll help you clarify your message using high-level story frames to create a unique story that sells. This story can be used to design or revamp your website to work double time for your company. At the same time, this story will help you create content from email campaigns and newsletters to blog posts and white papers or one-pagers. You’ll have everything you need to attract and convert new customers.


Now’s the time to be thinking ahead. Give your sales team the advantage when they walk into sales meetings. Crystallize your message with Squirrel Works today.