What is a brand story and why does it work?

Content Marketing


When you work with AMT Squirrel Works, you’ll create marketing stories that will provide you with content to create blog posts, video, sales campaigns, and web pages. This is content marketing, and with the rise of social media and internet sales, the first thing a logistics company needs is content.


But so often, the logistics companies we talk to are daunted by the mere thought of creating compelling content. “We’re not writers,” they tell us. “We book loads and route freight, but we don’t write blog posts.”


Marketing expert, Ann Handley claims that Everybody Writes.  In fact, that’s the name of her best-selling book, and at Squirrel Works, we believe what Ann preaches, “We are all capable of producing good writing.”  Especially when you start out with a couple of good story frames.


Story Frames


The team at Squirrel Works uses two different story frames to help you create content. Today, we’re going to discuss the logistics brand story. Based on Don Miller’s best-selling book and workshops, Building a Story Brand. Miller’s a writer with quite a few titles under his belt, but he’s come up with a marketing tool that helps us create all the content we need to help you sell your services.


Miller’s idea for Story Brand is based on the hero’s journey and seven elements of story or what Miller calls the SB7 Framework. If you’re interested in learning more about the framework, please check out the book. It’s highly readable and an excellent resource for anyone interested in creating great marketing content that sells.


The most revolutionary aspect of Story Brand is that it turns what we think we know about stories on its head. And it’s simple.


You’re not the hero of your logistics brand story.


Your customer is.


Not the Hero!


Miller explains that most companies tell stories about themselves. They tell stories about how they got started. They tell stories about what they do and why they do it. These stories are often complicated and full of lingo because most companies are genuinely excited about what they do.


But your potential customer isn’t all that excited about what you do except as it pertains to them. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. What your customer wants to know is what you can do for them. 


And that’s it.


In Miller’s Story Brand frame, your potential customer is the hero, and that’s the focus of your logistics brand story. We’ll help you create a story about your potential customer, a story that takes them through the hero’s journey, a story where your company is the guide that helps the hero avoid failure and reach success. 


It’s simple. It’s brilliant.


And it works!


Logistics Brand Story


Marketing and sales in logistics is remarkably difficult. The logistics brand story simplifies the process, gives you a framework within which to work, and provides you with a clear message. This clear message will be at the heart of the content you produce for your website, your blog, your video marketing, your social media marketing, and any sales or email campaigns.

The team at Squirrel Works has studied Donald Miller’s book, Building a Story Brand. We believe in the power of story in logistics. We’ve been using the framework in our own marketing, and we’ll help you use it to your advantage in logistics.


Start Now


Things have been crazy since the beginning of March. Right now is the perfect time to rethink your marketing strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about the logistics brand story or other marketing frames we use at Squirrel Works, please contact us today. We’d love to talk with you about logistics marketing because we’re the first and only logistics-focused marketing agency in the business.