A New Marketing Strategy for the Rest of 2020

It’s time to revamp your 2020 logistics marketing strategy.


The logistics industry is always ripe for disruption, and we’re experiencing a lot of that disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the dust settles, and it will, will you be ready to hit the ground running? Will your marketing strategy withstand the ups and downs of the pandemic and remain fresh and focused for the rest of the year?


Now’s the time to think about content.


If you’re wary of creating content you’re not alone. The number one complaint about creating interesting content is that it takes time to think, find quiet time, write! However, now is the time to do it. Social media use is at an all-time high with many people working from home. In fact, according to Andrew Hutchinson, “people are spending 20% more time in apps during the COVID-19 lockdowns.” This extra online time is considerably shortening the sales cycle.


Perfect the customer experience.


Here’s a statistic for you–73% of people say that the customer experience is an important factor in their buying decisions. And yet, freight brokers are notoriously bad at providing excellent customer experience. There is a good reason for this–most of the business is transactional as opposed to relationship driven, so when a load is delivered it’s crickets on both ends. 


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Do you have a follow-up strategy for after delivery contact? A way to let customers know you appreciate their business and would like to continue to help? Maybe you have capacity in a lane where they move a lot of freight?  


Consider video marketing.


Customers find it easy to engage with video! A whopping 70% of people report having shared a brand’s video with friends or on social media. And with the ability to add captions, you offer viewers the option of listening or reading. In addition, video is a great way to boost your customer conversion rate. Did you know 72% of businesses believe video helped improve their conversion rate?


One caveat! Keep videos short and sweet and full of value. Remember that the most important thing to remember about all marketing is to BE HELPFUL. To that end, post videos on YouTube, but don’t forget about platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn that allow for live video you can turn into a recording later!




Not automating your marketing yet? Well, you’re missing out because automation is the unsung hero of content marketing for logistics companies. Automation provides an easy way to improve customer retention and loyalty. So often in the logistics industry, when your transaction is done, so is your contact. Not so if you have a good automation strategy.


Automation allows you to send follow-up emails based on specific parameters in your TMS or CRM. For example, perhaps you send follow-up emails after a certain type of freight is moved to let customers know about available capacity in a lane. On the other carrier side of the equation, you have an automation sequence that occurs to offer freight opportunities.


You can also automate recommendations based on website traffic. When a user browses two articles on freight management, the automation tool directs the customer to an article that furthers the freight management conversion process. Automation is a win for everyone!


Here at AMT Squirrel Works, we help logistics companies clarify their message and reach the right customers and carriers through a variety of marketing strategies. Right now is a great time to retool your 2020 marketing strategies. If you’d like to talk more about logistics marketing, schedule a call with us today!