Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Social media marketing is relatively new in the marketing world (and even newer in the marketing for the logistics world). But it’s here to stay! In fact, social media marketing budgets exploded between 2014 and 2016, almost doubling from $16 million to $31 million.


This means you are missing out if you haven’t started marketing on social media. We understand that it’s hard to begin something new without a little help. So we’ve created a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you get started!


Do Know When It’s Most Beneficial to Post

It can be tough to determine the correct time to post on social media; however, this is crucial information if you want to be successful. Depending on where you do your research, you will find a variety of opinions on the best time to post. All audiences are different, after all. That’s simply common sense. For example, do you and all of your coworkers work the same way, take breaks at the same time? Probably not. So you’ll want to do some testing on your own. Post at different times and pay attention to your statistics. When do you receive the most engagement? Once you have taken in expert opinions and done a little research on your own, you can begin posting at a consistent time which makes a difference in how well your material is received.


Don’t Neglect ANY of Your Accounts

If you have an account on any platform, it’s best to use it. You do not want potential customers to find your social media account and then realize that you last posted 2 ½ years ago. That said, we do realize it can be hectic trying to keep up with your social media accounts while managing the rest of your logistics marketing. That is why at Squirrel Works, we use SocialPilot. It’s a simple and cost-effective social media scheduling tool that allows you to post and schedule for multiple platforms in one place. In addition, you can gather all the analytics you need using their analytics dashboard. Pretty cool, right!


Do Test Platforms to See if They Work for You

The same way you mix content up to find out which content really engages folks, you should test new and existing social media platforms to see where you reach the most customers. All logistics companies are different with different goals, so your social media needs can vary greatly. For example, a freight broker looking for rapid growth is probably hiring recent college graduates. A great place to find college grads would be Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On the other hand, if you’re a trucking company, you’ll probably find that Facebook and LinkedIn are the most valuable platforms for your business.


Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews or Comments

Social media brings a lot of good, but unfortunately, it also brings a little bad. Don’t run and hide from negative feedback or reviews! Here at Squirrel Works, we recommend you get in front of the situation. When you see a negative comment or review, show empathy and apologize for any inconvenience your customer experienced. Remember, you NEVER want to get into an argument on social media!


Do Offer Solutions

Who doesn’t love a helping hand! Social media posts are a great place to offer easy solutions to problems your ideal customers might be experiencing. By offering help, you position your company as a thought leader in that particular area of the logistics industry.


Don’t Forget to Include Links

Links! Links! Links! Too often, customers make their way through a post without receiving any real direction. When you send customers to a new site for further information without a link, you will lose them to noise and distraction. By adding links to your post (or in the comments section), you direct your customers and further your own authority.


Here at Squirrel Works, we encourage our customers to boost their social media engagement. Your logistics marketing strategy will benefit from your use of social media platforms. If you’d like to know more about social media marketing for logistics, please give us a call. We provide a wide range of social media marketing tools and services for the logistics companies we serve!