Using Logistics Story Frames to Drive Revenue

Do you have a logistics story?


If the answer to that question is, No. What’s a logistics brand story? you’re missing out on a logistics marketing playbook that will provide you with clear messaging, wide-ranging content from blog posts and white papers to email and sales campaigns, and new strategies for a strong online presence.


What is a logistics story?


Your logistics story is a clear, concise explanation of why you are the best logistics provider to help your customer reach their goals. That sounds simple enough, so what’s so simple about this approach? Here at Squirrel Works, we use two high-level logistics story frames to create a two-part story consisting of a brand story and a sales story.


Brand Story


The first part, the brand story frame is based on Don Miller’s award-winning Story Brand. If you haven’t read Miller’s Story Brand, we highly recommend it. Miller encourages you to simplify your marketing message by making sure your story is customer-focused. It’s a radical shift from the way we usually tell stories, but once you see the logic in the shift, it can revolutionize your marketing.

Because we are a logistics company first and foremost, we’ve studied Miller’s method and have adapted it for logistics companies. The truth is, we know you are tired of being one needle in a haystack of logistics companies. The logistics brand story will differentiate you from your competitors and position you as the support system, your customers desperately need. This brand story provides content for social media, a new or updated website, and a variety of marketing campaigns.


Sales Story


The second story frame we use is based on the Power Statement Mike Weinberg explains in New Sales Simplified. Again, we’ve studied Weinberg’s suggestions and have added our logistics expertise to help you create a sales story that will provide you with sales content. The power statement is your value proposition, and you can use it in sales campaigns, email marketing campaigns, blog posts, and white papers. 

Together, the logistics story frames combine to provide you with a simplified and clear message. These story frames help you and your customers cut through the noise of logistics marketing. 

Schedule a call with us today to find out more about how our logistics story frames can help you clarify your message and increase your revenue.