Transportation Marketing Trends 2020

As we near the end of 2019, it’s a good time to think about our digital marketing strategies. After all, to keep up with your competition, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve. In the last 5 years, marketing and the technology available to marketers has changed. We can expect this growth to continue into 2020. Now’s a good time to look ahead and see what trends you can expect, and how to use them to your advantage. 


So what’s incoming? Here at Squirrel Works, we try to stay ahead of the pack in digital marketing, so we’ve compiled a short list of three trends to keep your eyes on in 2020. If you’re not already using these technologies, you’ll definitely want to add them to your strategy. 


Social Messaging Apps

When they first arrived on the scene, social messaging apps were simple apps meant to ease messaging between people in the same social networks. However, more and more messaging apps are being used by businesses for communication between employees, but also as a way to communicate directly with customers. Think about the potential! In 2018, Facebook Messenger facilitated the exchange of 10 billion messages between people and businesses every month! The great news is that if you can harness the power of social messaging apps, you are likely to increase customer engagement, boost sales, and offer ongoing support which will cultivate long-lasting relationships.  



The Amazon Effect has changed the way we do business, and is most evident in the area of consumer/customer expectations. As customers expect their goods to be delivered on a dime, they also expect their questions to be answered within minutes. In fact, studies show that many customers expect a response in 30 minutes or less.  Conversational marketing has always been important, but now it’s imperative. Luckily, AI bots have become more intelligent and easier to work with. Chatbots can offer your customers 24-hour service, instant responses, and immediate answers to simple questions. If you’re not using chatbots now, you are missing the boat. A recent report on chatbots indicates that almost 64% of customers prefer to message with a bot for their customer service needs! And we expect that number to continue to rise.



As with social messaging apps and chatbots, video has been used sporadically in digital marketing for the last few years. However, it’s really taking off, and you will want to keep video in mind as 2019 rolls into 2020.  Most social network sites use algorithms that rank video higher than any other form of content, so you’ll want to harness video’s star power. We believe live video will be a major player in the realm of video marketing in 2020. Early statistics show that consumers watch live video content as much as 3 times longer than any other video content.  


2020 is only a couple of months away. Now is the time to add these three digital marketing strategies to your overall plan. You won’t be sorry.