Three Reasons to Separate Your Warehouse Website

Separate Websites

Do you have two websites? One for your brokerage and one for your warehousing services? If the answer is no, you might be underutilizing a valuable asset–your warehouse.

If your warehouse is full, you can take a pass on this blog. However, if you’re looking at empty floor space, and you’re not sure why, you may want to pull up a chair and hear me out.  

Why do you need two separate websites? First of all, you want to gain online visibility for your warehouse–and you can’t do this if your warehouse information is buried in your brokerage website. Secondly, you need to be able to track stats for warehousing, and that’s much easier if it has its own site. And finally, you can increase SEO for warehousing and your main site.  



Let’s take a look at the visibility piece. Type your company name into Google, and you should see a Google My Business listing to the right. There you’ll find the category listing–most likely Trucking Company or Logistics–you gave your business. What you might not know is that Warehouse is a separate category in Google’s eyes. When a person starts a Google search, the algorithms strive to give the user the best possible results. If you’re looking for available warehouse space in a specific location, Google shows the “Warehouse” category listings first. If you aren’t listed in “Warehouse,” you’re not showing up.  

Tracking Stats


Sure, you can set up tracking for the page with your warehouse copy. But imagine the superior insights you’ll gain when know the folks who visit your warehouse page are looking for warehousing services and not just clicking through your website.  Freight brokers are able to work with people all over the country and world. Warehouses can help only those folks in their geographic area. Once you can see the data you’ll know the location of your website visitors. You can even set location settings to ensure the majority of your traffic is local. Don’t know how to do that–reach out to Squirrel Works, we can help!  

Increased SEO

SEO is a tricky thing to master, and link building is imperative when it comes to increasing domain authority.

Not familiar with Domain authority? Check out this article from Moz that breaks its down for you.

One of the main factors affecting your  Domain Authority is the number of comparable company websites linking to your site.  This tells Google your website offers up useful information other websites choose to share with their visitors. When you create a warehouse website separate from your main website, you can add a backlink for the main website! Win win in our book.

With any new website you must create a new Google My Business listing. Now that you have a separate warehouse website you can categorize it in the warehouse section. This helps searchers who type in “available warehouse space in . . .” find you!  Your warehouse listing was just a page on a logistics website. Now it stands alone and is ready to be found.

If you’re looking to gain increased visibility for your transportation and logistics business we would love to hear from you! Give us a call today or send us an email [email protected]