Video Marketing for Trucking Companies

Harness the Power of Video Marketing

Trucking companies are experiencing a whopping 54% increase in brand awareness. At the same time, they’re generating nearly 66% more qualified leads. (Video Marketing Statistics You Must Know) It’s no wonder, video marketing has become a big player.

Smart trucking companies know that video marketing is more than worth the investment. You can use video content in a variety of ways–on your website, in your social media marketing efforts, as well as, for the driver recruitment process.

Here at Squirrel Works, we love video marketing. You see, human beings are wired for story, and good video harnesses the power of story to reach your customers.

Just remember–we said GOOD video. And GOOD video requires a little expertise.

Here’s how we do it at Squirrel Works.



First of all, good video requires a good camera. Here at Squirrel Works, our primary camera for recording video is the Canon XC10. We love the XC10’s amazing 4K image quality. When the image quality is this excellent post-shoot edits are a breeze.

As with all good things, the Canon XC10 has a downside, and that’s the built-in camera lens. Sure, it’s pretty standard, but it’s a slight bummer that we can’t take advantage of all of Canon’s amazing lens style offerings.

Along with the XC10, we use a simple 64-inch aluminum tripod we purchased on Amazon. Yeah, you could drop a bunch of money for a tripod, but you won’t get a lot of bang in ROI for that buck. Our tripod is affordable and simple to set up and use. What more do you need?



We liked the idea of a controlled background, and green screens are crazy fun–so we got one! Green screens are what they sound like–green backgrounds in front of which subjects are filmed. They allow different backgrounds to be added to the final images.

We prefer the green screen to premade backgrounds because most premade backgrounds aren’t made for transport. They needed to be folded between shoots. They end up with hard crease lines which don’t look terribly authentic. With our Elgato collapsible green screen, crease lines are a thing of the past as we move with our equipment from one trucking company to another. We simply roll it up when we’re done and pull it back to tension when we’re ready to film again.



Lighting is always important, but even more so with a green screen. No one wants to shoot some great footage that can’t be used due to poor green screen lighting. When filming we use 2 Neewer (actually the brand name and not a misspelling) Bi-Color dimmable lights that allow us to control exactly how much light is on the green screen. We can change the color of the lights to enhance the shooting environment.  In addition to the green screen lights, we use a Neewer ring light right on the camera to enhance the subject being filmed.



Editing is the fun part. And while video editing for trucking companies can be challenging, the right editing software along with a solid workflow makes it more manageable. We currently use Adobe Premiere and the Creative Cloud apps to edit. Premiere comes with a lot of benefits, but we like it because it’s really popular. That popularity means we can find tons of helpful information online!

We get lots of cool ideas during our filming with trucking companies. Shared online learning makes learning new tricks and adding them to video easy.  


Are you interested in shooting some videos to aid in the recruiting process? Check out some of our work and give us a call. We can’t wait to connect!

Quick video examples: