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Attracting Millennials to a Freight Brokerage

As millennials rapidly take over the freight brokerage space, many companies are facing this question: “How do we attract and retain millennial talent?” Here’s the good news–with 91% of millennials planning to keep their current job a measly 3 years or less, you’re not the only one asking this question.


The Ping Pong Table Effect:

The ping pong table is a classic centerpiece in millennial-focused freight brokerage office. No, we’re not suggesting you run out and pick up a ping pong table. Not yet anyway–but you might want to think about what that ping pong table means. Freight Brokerage offices that promote a fun and enjoyable work environment tend to have better luck with attracting and retaining millennial talent!  


Millennials are culture-centric, so the better your work culture the better chance you’ll retain the talent you worked so hard to attain and train. And it’s not just picnic tables–try after-hours work events. Go out for dinner as a team, attend a local event, plan a fun gathering where co-workers can hang out and relax together.


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Flexible Work Schedule:

According to a recent report on millennials, 88% would love the ability to choose when they start and finish work. Some companies are adopting the common scheduling fix which allows employees to come to work in waves. For example, a wave arrives at 7:00, another at 8:00, and so on. This allows employees to choose a schedule that works best for both them and the employer.


Satellite employees are fast becoming common, especially among the millennial set. This offers employers an increased reach and scope for potential employees. Gone are the days when an employer was forced to choose talent from a small, local pool. Cloud Power and cloud-based tools enable companies to hire satellite talent.  


Tip Top Tech Is A Must:

Millennials are techy! It’s difficult to boost excitement in this crowd! That’s why you must equip your staff with the latest and the greatest in technology. Here’s the deal–the latest technologies have so much to offer and can make your employees’ and your own life better.  


By the same token, your digital presence should actively reflect your business–your unique logistics philosophy.  Most millennials are going to check out your website before they send you a resumé. If you want those millennial applicants, now would be a good time to perform an overall audit of your online presence. For example, make sure your blog posts resonate with millennials and your website is easy to navigate. And don’t forget to optimize for mobile because, as we all know, millennials are always on their cell phones!

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