Market Yourself with Twitter!

The 3rd Annual DAT User Conference is coming up soon in Portland, Oregon. Here at Squirrel Works, we’re excited to reunite with old friends and make some new ones too! In fact, we’re so excited, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to help you take full advantage of the marketing opportunities the conference provides.

We’ve been to quite a few conferences, and we’re always a bit surprised by how few transportation leaders are using social media to market themselves before, during, and after a conference like the fast-approaching DAT User Conference.

Let’s take Twitter for example. Twitter is an exceptionally strong platform that can provide ongoing marketing for your company–long after the conference has ended. We’ve compiled a few tips for using Twitter to your advantage while attending transportation conferences.

Just so you know, we’re not real bullish on Twitter overall as a Social Media platform benefiting logistics companies but it’s great for conferences!

Twitter–What You Need to Know!

It’s okay to use a conversational tone on Twitter. Other social media platforms don’t have the character count Twitter does. So go ahead and skip the formalities with a casual and straight-to-the-point tweet!

Twitter works in real-time and doesn’t rely on algorithms to get tweets in front of your audience. That means your tweet might have an 18-minute lifespan. Sure, you have a pretty wide reach with Twitter, but you must tweet consistently and remember that your followers are also following other people–creating crowded timelines.

Use the Conference Hashtag!

Conferences create a dedicated hashtag you can use! Check out the conference marketing material, the app, or any big screens for the hashtag that they recommend. That hashtag gives you a big advantage–even people who don’t follow you will see your tweets when they search the conference hashtag! With some consistent tweeting, you might end up with some new followers!

Some conferences even display a live stream of tweets with the conference hashtag, and this is a fantastic marketing opportunity. Make sure your tweets are conversational, consistent, and professional, so when you show up on these live streams you look like a pro. It’s another great way to gain new followers!

Speakers like Credit!

Speakers at conferences work hard to prepare! Don’t forget to credit speakers when you are quoting them on Twitter–this shows respect and shows an understanding of the topic. Most speakers provide their Twitter handle at the beginning of a session, but you can also check out the marketing materials. And if it isn’t provided, you can do a Google Search using their name and the word, “Twitter.”

Be brave, bold, and opinionated! Add your unique point of view or understanding when you share speaker quotes. This opens up the conversation and encourages followers of the conference to engage with and connect with your tweets.

This is your opportunity to engage with ideas and smart, industry-leading speakers like Steve Brown and Donald Broughton–to name just a couple!

Follow and Connect!

Sure, you want to gain followers, but a platform like Twitter offers you the opportunity to network and connect with other transportation folks.

Do your research before the conference. Start following some of the speakers, as well as, experts or people you’d like to connect with. Here at Squirrel Works, we’ve even used Twitter to set up meetings.

Use Twitter to meet others who might be interested in hearing more about what you do
All you have to do is follow the conference hashtag, find out who is attending, and tweet them to see if they have a few minutes for a coffee. Never underestimate the value of a face-to-face meeting.

Get Started Today!

The 2018 DAT User Conference is right around the corner–September 24-26. Use Twitter to make it your best conference yet. We hope to see you there and in the live stream!!!