How Multi-Channel Marketing Can Save your Digital Marketing Strategy

It was recently announced that Facebook and Twitter shares have taken a plunge, which forces us to ask the question; is your marketing strategy in jeopardy?

The short answer? Yes! Especially, if you’re focusing all your marketing efforts on one platform, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or even Google. While it may seem unlikely, at any given moment any one of those platforms can technically seize to exist, and if that’s your sole focus, they take with it your customers, audience and years of strategy.

Social media has many advantages and over the years we have shown customers just how powerful the medium is. When used correctly, it can unlock a world of opportunities where you can recruit new drivers, exceed sales goals and foster a community among drivers, agents and customers. However, it’s always a good idea not to put all your eggs in one basket and communicate with your audience in different ways, which is why we recommend multi-channel marketing.

Multi-channel marketing is using a selection of direct and indirect marketing communications, in hopes of reaching a wider audience and igniting an interest in your business and what you have to offer.

We’re finding that companies are more comfortable with using Facebook to market themselves but forget that by ONLY using Facebook, they are limiting their reach because there is still a large portion of people who do not use Facebook, or might reserve their Facebook usage for catching up with family and friends versus looking for jobs, connecting with other drivers or finding a new trucking company to handle their load.

A good approach would be to broaden your marketing landscape by combining different techniques. As an example, continue with your social media marketing, but also include a blog section on your website and a monthly newsletter.

A blog has a variety of benefits which can include establishing yourself as an authority on a certain topic, and improving your SEO, but above all, it is hosted on YOUR website which means you’re in control of the content, who sees the content and how it is distributed. With the right strategy, you can create the same or even better sense of community on your blog, where readers provide insight and engage with you and each other in the comments section of each post.

The option to include a monthly newsletter to your marketing strategy is one of the smartest but often underrated ways of connecting with your target audience. Think about it; whether it is social media or blog posts, you are relying on them going to a webpage and finding your content, but by having their email address, you have DIRECT access to their inbox. How often do you check your emails each day? Probably 2 or 3 times a day, right? So is everybody else and having that sort of access to your target audience is a powerful opportunity of its own.

By combining strategies, you have a wider reach and have the ability to promote the other platforms on ones you’re already focused on. So, you can promote signing up for your monthly mailer or share your latest blog post across your social channels, while promoting your social channels at the end of blog posts or in your newsletter itself. This approach encourages growth across the board and means that you can reach your audience no matter what happens to Facebook and Twitters shares.

Have you given any thought to using multi-channel marketing? 95% of marketers already know the importance of a multi-channel approach, but only 14% of organisations believe they’ve successfully implemented one. If you’re the other 86%, get in touch with Squirrel Works today and let us help amplify your digital presence today!