5 Tips for Creating a Successful Facebook Business Page

We often get asked which social media platform is best for the transportation and logistics industry. While each has its merits, Facebook has the most potential for our industry. However, creating a successful Facebook Business Page can be quite challenging if you don’t already know what you’re doing.

To make it easier, we’ve shared some of our tried and tested tips:

Optimize Your Cover Photo

The cover photo of your Facebook business page is the largest element of your brand identity on Facebook and the first thing that people see. It should encourage users to stay on your page by being fun and engaging. You can also use text in your cover photo to write a headline that promotes your company’s slogan, ethics, vision or prompts a call-to-action that gets visitors to click through to your website.

Incorporate Logo in Profile Photo

Remember to keep your logo in the mind of your customer so that they can easily identify you when clicking through to your website. A good idea is to use your logo as your profile photo to help visitors build a connection and instantly identify your company’s Facebook page.

Focus on your “About Section”

Try keeping your “about” section short and to the point, so that it keeps your visitor engaged and encourages them to click-through to your website to learn more. Use keywords that identify with your audience and their needs, highlight service offerings and paint a better picture of your company and the people who work there. Don’t forget to make sure that the contact number, email address and physical address is correct!

Promote Your Page

It’s important to remember not to focus too much on how many likes your page has, but rather how much of your audience is engaging with your content. To grow your page, you can promote it through Facebook with paid targeted-advertising, or you can be subtle by adding your Facebook link to the signature of your emails, your website and by inviting friends and family to like your page.
Post Content Regularly

Above all, be consistent when posting on Facebook as it is key to creating an engaged audience that grows organically. Make sure that you have a stream of quality and industry-related posts to give your audience something to read on the daily basis. Remember that there are several types of content that range from photos, blog posts, articles, or videos. Make sure that whatever you choose to share relates to your industry and audience, and keep things exciting by giving them something to discuss in the comments section.

Are you ready to turn your Facebook Business page into a success? Tell us which of these tips you’ll be trying first.