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Tips for Building Sales Relationships

Technology has changed the way that we interact with our clients in the transportation and logistics industry. While this new landscape presents a lot of opportunities that weren’t possible before, it is also accompanied by its own set of challenges. The key to being a good salesman? Building lasting relationships with your customers.

Here’s some tips for building better sales relationships:

  1. Listen and pay attention to your customer when they speak and ask questions instead of talking the entire time. Often, your customer will tell you exactly what he needs, making it easier to serve quality service.


  1. Try talking about something other than sales by finding things that you might have in common with your clients. You’ll be surprised what a simple social media search can reveal and how much easier it is to break the ice when you have discovered a common ground.


  1. Respond promptly to emails to show your customer that they are a priority. It not only helps their ego but also keeps them in the loop about your progress, which gives them peace of mind.


  1. Add value to your relationship by providing a solution or a fresh perspective. If you find yourself searching blogs for things that might help solve your current challenge, keep an eye out for things that could help ease a client’s problem too. Send them those links or introduce them to people who can help. Customers notice when people care!


  1. Be genuine with your customers and show them that you care by simplifying the process and making it enjoyable to work with you. Consider their schedules when planning interactions and make yourself available in case they have questions or concerns. Remember that people can pick up when you are manipulating them only for sales, so nurture relationships.

How will you be nurturing and building better sales relationships? We’d love to hear some of your tips!