Transportation and Logistics leads

Hacks for Nurturing Your Transportation and Logistics Leads

Once you have mastered your digital marketing strategy and have begun generating leads, it is important to nurture those leads so that they become customers. We understand that it can be tough trying to figure out which approach works, so to make it easier we’ve put together a few of our top tried and tested hacks for nurturing and converting leads.

Use Reply to this Email as your Call to Action

One of the fastest ways to speed up the lead nurturing process in transportation and logistics is by opening the dialogue between your leads and you. Start the conversation by ending your emails with a call to action that prompts your leads to “reply to this email.”

Create Pre-Written Email for the Decision Maker

You may find that you’re not always speaking to the decision maker and while you might have your point of contact is sold on your service, the challenge remains selling yourself to their team. Create pre-written emails that your lead can forward on to the decision maker of their company, that introduces yourself, your company, what you do, how you can help them and answers any obvious questions. Try personalizing the email by mentioning your point of contact by name and saying something like, “David mentioned that you were looking for XYZ, this is how we can help you…”

Send newsletters from real people

Often, transportation and logistics companies send their mass emails from a [email protected] email address affecting the open rate of emails. It is a good idea to send the email from a real person. (i.e. [email protected]) By doing so, your leads are reminded that there is a person behind the keyboard who cares about fulfilling their business needs and are mindful in their response.

Send emails during office hours

While it is common practice to reply and send emails during all hours of the day, start scheduling a delay to ensure that your email responses are only sent between the standard working hours. Even if you’re using an automated system, it’s important to create the illusion of a real person who has taken the time to respond. This practice has been found to increase email click-throughs by 20%.

Use Buttons for Call to Actions

Replace plain text links with an eye-catching call to action button at the bottom of your emails, to help increase the click-through rates. Call to Action buttons inside of emails have been found to convert up to 127% more than plain text.

Personalize your emails

When sending a newsletter to a lead include their name in the headline to increase the chances of them clicking-through to open and read the email.

Run Retargeting Campaigns

Set up a retargeting campaign based around a specific piece of content like a blog post or landing page. By setting up a retargeting campaign you already know that the content you’re advertising is relevant to the leads and it allows you to be ultra-specific, which will increase the chance of engagement and conversion.

Experiment with these different hacks and let us know which one works for you. Remember what works for one business may not work as well for another so be sure to explore your options and techniques.