7 Ways to Use Videos to Market your Logistics Business

It has long been a trend forecast that video is the future of marketing, but implementing it in your marketing strategy remains a challenge, especially for transportation companies. So, how exactly can you use videos to promote your logistics company?

There are multiple ways of using and promoting videos, so it is important to identify what you are hoping to achieve from creating your video. Here are some of the most popular videos and how you can use them:

Explainer Videos are short and to the point videos which provide an overview of what problems you solve for your customer. As an idea, you can have one of your agents discussing a recent customer case where they went over and beyond to deliver quality service while overcoming unexpected challenges faced by the customer and how he/she helped overcome them. Remember they should be no longer than 2-minutes as they are great for sharing on social media and via your newsletter.

Promotional Videos are a popular option for communicating your latest offers, exclusive discounts, upcoming events, or a community initiative that your company will be participating in. These types of videos are best used to create awareness and shouldn’t exceed a minute long as it is used to prompt your customer to click-through to a web page where they can find more details.

Vlogs are no longer reserved for celebrities and influencers. These days everyone is nosey and wants to know what the typical “day in the life” looks like. While it may be time-consuming, using a vlog to show some of the interesting things that truck drivers get up to can be a good way to recruit new drivers.

Chalk Talks or Whiteboard Videos are great for offering customers expert advice or solutions on industry-specific challenges. These videos are usually very quick, engaging, and provides the customer with a call to action at the end. They can be used for all digital marketing efforts including social media, newsletters and even sent directly to your customer when trying to communicate key messages that they struggle to understand.

Customer Stories are the video version of testimonials and are proven to be more effective as viewers connect with the person telling their story. Highlight real customers and the service they experienced by having one of your staff members share their experience followed by reading the customer testimonial, or create a social media campaign asking customers to supply video testimonials of what they loved about working with your company.

Culture Capture is an innovative way of giving your customer an inside look at how your company operates. A lot of transportation companies claim to be like family, but their stock photography website doesn’t really communicate that message. Use video to create a highlight reels of recent company events, team-building activities and give customers a glimpse of who they’re doing business with.

Social Media Videos have recently become popular, especially with platforms like Facebook showing preference to video content. You can either incorporate some of the videos styles that we have already discussed, or you make use of their new LIVE feature to host live Q & A’s, show a little behind the scenes to give customers a better understanding of your company’s culture, or even host guest chats. Any videos shared on social media are great for driving engagement and opening the discussion with your audience.

Now that you have a good idea of the different videos that could work to market your business, which one will you be trying first?