See you at Truckstop Connected 2018

We will be attending Connected 2018,’s user conference that helps you enhance your game plan for a more successful year. What better way to guarantee the right start to your game plan than by re-evaluating your marketing strategy and making way for the latest innovations, trends and strategies.

Truckstop Connected is specifically designed for customers (Executives, Owners, Trainers, or Product Owners within your Brokerage operations) who are interested in getting in on the latest industry updates, networking, or getting hands-on training for the tools you use every day.

We are excited to announce our attendance at Connected 2018, giving you the opportunity to meet up, grab a coffee and ask us questions about digital marketing, where to begin and how we can help. Better yet, we are offering attendees a FREE website audit which will give you a better idea of how you can improve your online presence.

We understand that the internet is full of hundreds of marketing companies who are all promising the same thing, which is why we use networking opportunities like Connected 2018 to meet with our potential clients. We can’t deny the value of putting a face to the words you see on your screen and hearing our team of experts share experiences from their background in the freight and transportation industry.

Remember, it’s this approach that sets us apart; we already know what you expect from us and while other marketing companies are still working on understanding the terminology and what it is that you really do, we’re busy at work, designing a website, building your presence and amplifying your marketing efforts.

Don’t believe us? Take us up on the invite and register now for Connected 2018, the best place for you to network, learn how to get the most of, and enhance your playbook to make better decisions.