Is it time to redesign your website?

A lot of clients contact us asking, “how do I know when it is time to redesign my company’s website?” You see, often we think that it’s good enough to simply have a website but with the industry constantly changing, algorithms evolving and Google introducing new rules and regulations, it’s a good idea to look over your website and make sure that it is still relevant.

We recently chatted to our client, Michael Riccio from Leonard’s Express about his experience working with us to redesign and update his pre-existing website. This is what he had to say:



So, what are some of the signs that it’s time to redesign your company’s website? We’ll tell you:

Your website’s design, feel and aesthetic is outdated

Take a proper hard look at your website and then compare it to some of the other websites within the transportation and logistics industry – how does yours measure up? It’s a good idea to portray a modern, sleek and simple look that attracts and encourages customers to engage.

Your website is hard to navigate

Web development has come along way in recent months, never mind recent years, so it is likely that your website’s backend requires some updating so that your website still works the way you want it to. You should also look at your website on different platforms like tablets and mobile phones to see whether the site is optimized and easy to navigate across all platforms.

Your content is out of date

One of the most obvious signs that a website is in desperate need of a redesign is when the content is out of date. You might find that your content is too long or too brief – does it answer all the key questions, or does it overwhelm your potential client, causing them to click away? Have you recently updated your service offering to include your newest fleet? What about your team page, does it show the company’s newest additions? We’ve even found that websites had the wrong contact information or that their contact forms weren’t sending to the appropriate person – are you losing clients because they can’t reach you?

Your business has changed or grown

As your business continues to grow and keep up with the latest industry trends, all its operating systems need to grow with it.  Just as an old spreadsheet no longer works for 50-person payroll and requires you to upgrade your financial systems, you’ll need to upgrade your website too.

So, if like Leonard’s Express you feel your website looks like an old Word Document – talk to us! We know the transportation industry, have a fierce passion for digital marketing and bridge the gap perfectly to accommodate your needs.