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Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Transportation and Logistics Website

If you’re planning to redesign your logistics website, you’ve probably been thinking about how you want your site to look and function. Navigating a website redesign can feel overwhelming at first, but our dedicated team of marketing experts is always available to help guide you through the process. To get you started, we thought we would share some mistakes you should avoid making on your logistics website.

Using bad quality pictures

Pictures can make or break a website, so it’s a good idea to use high-quality images that relate to the content on your page. If you can afford it, hire a professional photographer to take photos of your equipment, team and offices. If that isn’t in the budget, stock photos are also an option.

Having too many pages

Having too many pages on your site can make things confusing and your customer might struggle to find what they are looking for. Try condensing and combining information to only provide the information that is essential.

Do you really need a dedicated page for testimonials? It is more effective having testimonials spread throughout your site or having them rotate on your homepage.

Do you need a separate page for all your services? Why not combine that information and have it all displayed on one page?

Having too much content

People don’t like to read anymore so be mindful of your content. It should be easily scannable so that potential customers are able to get what they need to know from main points without having to read long paragraphs of text. Break up your copy into short paragraphs and use headings, colors, font weights and images to compliment it.

Not having a call-to-action

Every page on your website should include a call-to-action that encourages your visitors to do something like fill in the contact form, subscribe to your newsletter, request a quote or book a call. Before writing your website content, figure out what the goal of each page is to form your call-to-action.

Overusing animations

Animations might seem cool and yes, we even use them on our own website. But having too many can be distracting, slow loading times and offer no real value. Remember that the best animations are subtle and help draw your customer’s eye to something of importance.

Not ensuring your website is mobile-friendly

With more people relying on their mobile phones to search the web, Google has started blacklisting websites that are not mobile-friendly. Always remember to check your website on different mobile phones and see that it is optimized to display properly.

Have you made some of these mistakes? We can help fix them and provide a free website audit which will share how your site can be improved and whether you’re in Google’s good books.