A marketing company specializing in logistics – but why?

At first, we might be mistaken for just another digital marketing agency. Sure, we are home to experts in web development, SEO, content creation, and social media management but there is one thing that sets our team apart from every other digital marketing firm – we specialize in logistics and transportation.

Our sister company A.M. Transport Services had the intention of revamping their website and expanding their digital marketing efforts.  Their current website wasn’t mobile-friendly, the content was outdated and being known as a company committed to adopting and evolving the latest technology, they understood the importance of taking their web presence seriously.

We understand that transportation and logistics can be a bit of niche industry but we tend to forget just how different it really is, and how people from outside of the industry may struggle to make sense of it.  When A.M. Transport first started the process of selecting a digital marketing company to create a new website, it became abundantly clear just how niche our industry truly is.  None of the firms that they contacted had worked with a Freight Broker before, and while most were willing to take on the job they also required time to learn more about the industry – time that had to be paid for. We realized that we can’t be the only ones who thought it was weird to pay a company to learn our business, just to pay more money for the actual project.

It is this experience that inspired the idea behind AMT Squirrel Works – a digital marketing firm with a passion for the transportation industry.

Today, AMT Squirrel Works offers modern, mobile-friendly website redesigns, blog creation and management, social media strategies and SEO consulting.  We are focused solely on the transportation and logistics industry because that is what we know best. We understand the unique challenges that Freight Brokers and Motor Carriers face, and appreciate the value that they bring to the table.

We make a website redesign a lot easier for the customer, with our industry experience and understanding of what you need and what is expected to exceed the standard. A traditional marketing agency is limited by their boilerplate strategies, that are meant for more traditional industries. Whereas at AMT Squirrel works, we believe in revolutionizing an industry that we understand and appreciate.