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10 Ideas for Your Social Media Content

As a social media manager for a transportation and logistics company, it can be tough coming up with new ideas of what to post on your social pages each day. To make things easier, we have a helpful list of prompts that can be used to fill your social media calendar, especially on those days that you have hit a block.

  • A discount or promotion: Everyone loves a special offer. Be sure to promote your next driver recruitment or staff recruitment efforts on social media to boost your engagement.


  • Ask a question: Use your platform to get feedback from your customers and carriers or to start a conversation. It can even be fun, quirky questions to help get to know your audience a bit better.


  • Inspirational Quote: Inspire your audience with a quote that motivates and encourages them to do more with their day.


  • Share a tip or trick: Your social channels become valuable to your audience if they are helping provide solutions for common problems that they might face. By providing helpful tips and tricks you are showing that you care about their needs and have a good understanding of the industry.


  • Answer a question: Create a conversation and build a relationship with your audience by allowing them to ask questions about your company and the services you provide, don’t forget to take the time to answer them.


  • A day in the life: A great way of building company culture and sharing a little more about what you do is having one of your staff members share a day in their life where they outline the different things that they do each day.


  • Testimonial Quote: There’s no better way to promote your reliably good service than by sharing a genuine testimonial from a customer.


  • Infographic: Help share insight of industry news, trends or new service innovations by creating infographics that provide quick facts in an engaging way.


  • Contest: Give back to your online community by hosting a competition where they can win something – perhaps it’s a company t-shirt, a book from one of your favorite authors, or a gas card.


  • Meme: It doesn’t always have to be serious business. In fact, some experience their best engagement on industry-related jokes that your audience is bound to enjoy!


Still not quite sure how to connect with your audience? We can help! 92% of our customers agree that with our help, their social platforms help promote sales and increase driver and agent recruitment. Want to know more? Contact us, today!