[Infographic] Your 2018 Social Media Calendar

It’s important to track and keep up with special occasions, holidays and events taking place, to help create content for your social media channels. By doing so, you are showing your audience that you are relevant and cover topics that are trending. But it can become overwhelming trying to remember every single date, not to mention creating content that is relevant to your trucking audience and ties in with the special day.

To make things easier, we have included a 2018 social media calendar that highlights some of the upcoming holidays to calendarize for the year ahead. Remember to also check out local events and add them to your diary so that you can reach and capture the attention of your local audiences.

Remember to not take yourself too seriously when creating content for special days and have a little fun. Where possible, try outline some industry facts like how many roses are delivered by the transportation sector on Valentine’s Day, or how many online orders will be returned following Christmas. These sorts of facts are both interesting and applicable to the industry, making it the best and most relevant content for your channels.