5 Mistakes, Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing

Figuring out your digital marketing strategy is the first step but writing content that engages your audience is vital to the success of your strategy. Yet, companies are still overlooking the importance of content marketing, and are not producing content that sells and drives readers to engage. Here are 5 basic mistakes, and the Do’s and Don’ts of Content Marketing:

Mistake 1 : Being too sales oriented

DON’T focus too much on product and service descriptions.
DO create educational and informative content, that entertains your audience.

Mistake 2 : Not knowing your target audience

DON’T forget to address the problems that your target audience experiences.
DO research on who your audience is and what their challenges and motivations are, so that you can tailor your content and provide solutions that will interest them.

Mistake 3 : Focusing too much on SEO

DON’T go overboard with keywords or prioritize link building.
DO write for your audience – not for Google – and use keyword research for topic ideas.

Mistake 4 : Not being consistent

DON’T overwhelm your audience with too much content and post irregularly.
DO make a content schedule, stick to it and be consistent.

Mistake 5 : Bad formatting

DON’T write walls of content without any subheadings, images, or videos.
DO make content that is easy to skim and scan by finding a balance between text and visuals.

Don’t disadvantage your digital marketing efforts with bad content that doesn’t speak to your audience. Look out for these mistakes and make sure you’re replacing the DON’Ts with more DO’s.