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The 10 Most Powerful Words in Digital Marketing

A big part of what makes your digital marketing strategy a success is whether your content sells. It’s important to look at your content as if you are your customer and ask yourself if it serves their need and if it is compelling enough for them to engage with. A lot of your content relies on the language that you use. Powerful words like, secret, exclusive, instantly and free make the difference between mediocre and click-worthy content.

Here are 10 of the most powerful words to use in digital marketing and examples of the difference they make:

  1. You – Marketing is ALL about the customer and using “you” builds a connection between you and the reader, making it more conversational and relatable.
    Example: “Our customers will love our blog” VS. “YOU will love our blog!”


  1. Free – Everybody loves a freebie which is why a ‘Free Gift with Purchase’ has become so popular.
    Example: “Have your website audited by one of our professionals” VS. “Have your website audited for FREE by one of our professionals”


  1. Because – Successful marketing tells people why they need a product and how it will improve their lives.
    Example: “Sign up to our newsletter” VS. “Sign up to our newsletter BECAUSE you’ll be the first to hear about our special offers and industry tips”


  1. Risk-Free – Customers should feel secure about giving you their money.
    Example: “Sign up now!” VS. “Sign up now for our RISK-FREE assessment.”


  1. Secret – Everyone wants in on a special tip, trick or deal but make sure that whatever you are promising, is truly unique and valuable to your customer.
    Example: “Ways to Increase Truck Driver Recruitment” VS. “The SECRET to Increasing Truck Driver Recruitment.”


  1. Instant – Promises a quick payoff for their time or money.
    Example: “Sign up for our newsletter.” VS. “Sign up for our newsletter and get INSTANT access to our resource library.”


  1. Limited Time – Creates a sense of urgency and drives buyers to pull the trigger.
    Example: “Take advantage of our special offer and get our latest whitepaper for only $1” VS. “Take advantage of our special offer and get our latest whitepaper for only $1 for a LIMITED TIME.”


  1. Easy – Customers prefer a hassle-free and simplified experience.
    Example: “Use these tips to create a social strategy.” VS. “Use these EASY tips to create a social strategy.”


  1. Don’t Miss Out – Capitalizes on the fear of missing out.
    Example: “Read the tips shared in our latest blog post.” VS. “DON’T MISS OUT on the tips shared in our latest blog post.”


  1. Exclusive – Makes your customer feel like they’re in on something that nobody else has access to.
    Example: “Take advantage of our latest offer.” VS. “Take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE offer.”


Content is crucial in your digital marketing strategy and paying careful attention to the language used helps improve the chances of your content being seen and engaged with. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by making the most of your strategy, talk to our team and we’ll help make sure your company is seen and heard.