You have service, now get with the marketing!

There is a well-known, yet fairly new vendor in the transportation space. Their name–let’s call them BIG NAME–is everywhere, and according to public information, they have already raised 10 million in venture capital.  Good luck attending an industry conference without seeing their huge booth and BIG NAME name plastered on everything because they are always a platinum sponsor.

Good for them right?

Actually, it’s great for them given the fact that no  one seems to know what they do! In the last year, I’ve worked with roughly 100 freight brokers to transform their digital presence and I can’t find a single company that knows what BIG NAME does! Oh sure, some folks can repeat the one-liner they’ve seen posted below that ubiquitous logo but when further questioned no one can tell me what it means.

My intention isn’t to run down this venture-backed start-up, but rather to use BIG NAME as an example of the power of good marketing. You see, if seasoned transportation professionals do not understand BIG NAME’s business model or values–then how were they able to raise 10M in a highly cut-throat VC space?

My guess would be through the power of marketing.

BIG NAME understood how to leverage industry jargon and buzzwords to clearly articulate the opportunities they offered. With clever marketing, they convinced several somebodies to give them money. Pretty cool, huh!

Let’s take this lesson and apply it to your company. Maybe the opposite is true. I’m guessing you have a rock-solid operation and pride yourself on following through on your word while delivering exceptional service to your customers and carriers.  You’ve spent years honing your craft. You’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and people.

Here is where the disconnect occurs. We are so busy making our businesses the best they can be that we fail to market them properly or, in some cases, even at all. Hey, I’m not suggesting you be a platinum sponsor for every industry conference that comes round the pike. Only that you take advantage of some relatively simple ways to share your authentic story and help customers find you.

If your website hasn’t been updated in the last three years and isn’t mobile friendly, then it no longer gives you a competitive advantage. In fact, your website could be hurting your credibility 24 hours a day and seven days a week. What about Social Media? Have you set up any channels? And if so, let’s hope you didn’t create them four years ago only to let them languish unused but open to the public!

I’ve just shown you two small ways you can improve your marketing efforts, but to stay relevant in this industry; you need a true marketing strategy.

A thorough, smart, and innovative marketing strategy isn’t simple and can’t be integrated overnight, but the good news is you have a valuable resource at your disposal. At Squirrel Works we are transportation people who understand marketing.  We will never sell you something irrelevant to our industry.  Our customers appreciate the time we take digging into new technology in order to evaluate how it best fits into the Broker and Carrier space.

You offer a great service.  You have refined and perfected it over the last several decades.  You’ve done the hard part.  Now it’s time to show your customers and carriers what you truly bring to the table and why they need you.  Don’t delay.  Start on that 2018 Marketing plan today.