Google Ads and How to Use Them

We’ve all seen them before – Google Ads – but have you ever taken the time to realize just how they always feature ads that weirdly seem targeted directly at you. Perhaps they feature a few products from a website that you recently visited or maybe they’re aimed at your location or interests.

Have you thought of how this happens, and how you can use it to market your own company?

Google Ads is an interesting and powerful platform that continues to be at the forefront of digital advertising, but without any prior knowledge, you can very easily exceed your marketing budget with little to no results to show for it.

Obviously, you want to make the most of your marketing budget. After all, up until recently, you probably didn’t even know that you needed a digital marketing budget, let alone a strategy. So, how exactly do we help you use Google Ads to take your business to new heights?

There are several different advertising options available through Google Ads, each one offering different opportunities that would depend on your expectations and needs.

As an example, you can target people by their location – this is helpful if you’re wanting to earn business in a specific country, state or city. It’s also great if you’re trying to recruit new drivers or agents in a target area.

Another example is by targeting specific search terms, like “logistics companies in Texas.” – this approach is particularly helpful when you’re looking to earn new customers and haven’t paid much attention to your SEO strategy beforehand. This option helps put you at the top of the Google searches, allowing potential customers to see your business before the actual search results.

One of our more favoured ad campaigns is making use of retargeting. Think about job applicants who might have visited your digital job application but never clicked submit, maybe you had a few customers who popped on over to your site but got distracted, closed the page, and never came back. Retargeting ads track those who have visited your site and target your ads to that specific audience, this is a powerful way of getting people back to your site to convert leads to sales.

Reading these options, you might feel like all or none could work for your company. That’s where we come in – before setting up your ad campaign, we will work with you and your team to decide on the messaging, expectations, budget, and the best option that suits your company. We will also set up the campaign, manage it for you and ensure that you get results without exceeding your budget. Throughout the campaign we will supply reports and suggestions on how we can improve your results.

Don’t bother getting overwhelmed, instead embrace the endless opportunities that Google Ads provides to your company by choosing a digital marketing partner that already knows how to navigate and utilize the platform, to get you the best results!