Using Video to Recruit Truck Drivers

Videos are quickly becoming the future of marketing, as we prefer watching content over having to take the time to read content. Video is quicker, more engaging and communicates your message clearly – but does it provide an opportunity to recruit truck drivers?

In short, yes.

To create videos that actively recruit new truck drivers, you have to carefully consider what makes it appealing to work for your trucking company – do you offer more time at home? Better hours? Better wages? Graduate programs? Are you constantly upgrading your systems, offering your drivers the latest in equipment and software? In other words, what can drivers look forward to, when working for your company?

Once you have decided on your key selling points, you need to expand on each of these points and figure out whether you want a single video that will focus on all of the benefits of working for your company, or whether you will have numerous videos that each focus on a certain benefit.

Normally, when people think of videos for their company, they shudder at the thought of having to be in front of the camera or worse, the expense of hiring someone to film your company. While these each hold their merits, there are also other ways of creating presentable and engaging videos which can include footage and photos taken from your staff using their phones, or you could even use software that makes use of animations, pictures and graphics to story tell.

The best tip is to keep things short, to the point and engaging. Nobody wants to sit around for 10-minutes while you explain in a mono-tone voice why they should apply to work for you. If you’re struggling to come up with a unique way of recruiting, get in touch and let our team show you how to tell your brand’s story!