Using Facebook Ads to Recruit

Whether you’re needing to recruit new agents or professional truck drivers, Facebook Ads can be an effective tool in helping you find the right applicants. But to avoid wasting your time and money, it is important to know exactly how to use the tool – that’s where we can help!

What do we do?

It’s not enough to just run a Facebook Ad – anyone can do that! You need a digital partner who can make the most of your budget and who knows exactly how to target your ideal job applicant. That’s us!

Our social media team will work with you to get a good idea of who your ideal applicant is. We not only consider the simple things like their age, gender and location but expand our search to include their interests too. This helps us target our searches, to find you the right people for the job!

We will also find out what makes you different from the rest – why do people want to work for your company? We use this information to create ads that tell your brand’s story in a way that encourages engagement, gets people talking and most importantly, makes people want to join your team!

The nice thing about working with our team is that you can choose to run your Ad campaign for a specific period or you can choose to have an ongoing ad campaign that works to recruit new agents or drivers 24/7. This is a great option if you’re constantly looking to add to your team!

At the end of the day, you’re a logistics professional, but we know the logistics of digital marketing! We not only help guide you in creating a successful ad campaign that gets you the best value for your money, but we will also handle all the admin in setting up and managing your ad campaign for you!

So, are you ready to run your first Facebook ad campaign?