How to get people reading your newsletters

Have you ever noticed just how many electronic newsletters that you have been sent, get automatically deleted or sent to your spam folder? Sure, at the time you don’t give it much thought but when you’re on the other side, and you’re the company sending out newsletters – how do you avoid being sent straight to the trash folder?

Electronic newsletters don’t get nearly as much credit as they should. We all put value on growing our social media platforms – but what about our mailing lists? Consider that when someone likes or follows you on social media, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to see your content every time that you post. Algorithms are constantly changing and making it more difficult to build a relationship with your customer, so what is the solution?

Mailing Lists. And here’s why.

By someone taking the time to sign up to your electronic newsletter, they are giving your direct access to their emails. We all rely on our emails and we all know just how often we check and read our emails – an inbox is prime advertising space, but how do you make the most of it?

  1. Provide valuable information, industry news and tips that aren’t already available on your website.
  2. Provide exclusive offers and discounts.
  3. Personalize your emails to include the person’s name so that it makes your readers feel like the content is directed at each of them.
  4. Don’t neglect the importance of a catchy subject. Remember not to use click-bait but rather give a good idea of what readers can expect from your newsletter.
  5. Be consistent in sending out newsletters. Whether it is weekly or monthly, if you say that you send out regular newsletters, be sure to stick with the schedule – people can forget that they signed up for a newsletter, especially if they only receive one after 3 months since signing up, and might repot you as spam.

Simple enough, right? Are you ready to send out your first newsletter? If setting up a newsletter and creating a mailing list isn’t at the top of your list of priorities, chat to our team and we can handle it for you! We can even help create content that builds better relationships between your company and your customer, by communicating your brand’s message efficiently.