The Future of Marketing is Video

We keep hearing that the future of marketing is video, but have you taken the time to consider how this affects you and your business in logistics? The shift from written content to video content will change how you market your business and should be something that you focus on when putting together your marketing strategy for 2018.

As with all things, marketing evolves. If you think back, we used to rely on posters, brochures, business cards and print media to hear about new companies but with the introduction of digital marketing, we have started to rely on websites, social media and an online reputation. So, what’s the next evolution, in digital marketing? Video content. You’re probably wondering why, especially as it feels as if we’ve only just started to scratch the surface of digital marketing.

Video isn’t going to undo any of your previous digital efforts and it’s certainly not going to be the ONLY form of media, but we are starting to see the trend where an audience prefers video over written content. It’s quicker to communicate key messages, it’s more engaging and it doesn’t require much effort in comparison to reading.

So, how do we use video to market logistics companies?

You could start by hiring a professional to record footage and create an intro video of your company, which covers your key values, what you offer and why people should choose to do business with you. This sort of video can be used on your website and social media.

You can also have your staff record short videos from inside the office and combine all the footage into a montage. This gives customers a better idea of your company’s culture and what they can expect when working with you.

As an example, you might have some footage from a recent team-building exercise, which shows your staff in an informal setting and having fun. This makes for excellent content that can be used on your social media, blog posts or newsletter and makes your team seem approachable, instead of just a voice on the phone.

Another good use of video content is using software to combine graphics, images and photographs to communicate key reasons that drivers or agents choose to work for your company. This is a great and innovative approach to encouraging people to apply for an opening at your company.

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest marketing trends? Still trying to ensure your website is in the good books with Google, and overwhelmed by the idea of even trying your hand at using videos to market your company? Give us a call and we’ll help revolutionize your 2018 marketing strategy.