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4 Common Misconceptions about Social Media for Transportation Companies

Are you in transportation? Is your Social Media presence less-than-effective? Don’t worry–you’re not alone! Most brokers and carriers do not utilize the vast benefits of Social Media and therefore, do not see any ROI for their efforts. I believe, without a doubt, that a relevant and robust Social Media presence will improve your business if you avoid four common mistakes.

1.Vague and Ill-Defined Purpose

Does your Facebook page have a clear point?  When Squirrel Works begins a new Social Media project with a customer, we work hard to understand their intent. We want our efforts to align perfectly with their purpose. Here’s the rub–that purpose must be clear. All too often, businesses make the mistake of over-complexifying their purpose, and that’s nothing more than self-sabotage! For example, if the purpose of your Facebook page is to recruit prospective employees then much of your content should focus on the office culture while providing an exciting glimpse into the inner workings of your operation. You want prospective hires to visualize working for you! However, this content will do little to convince food shippers that you are the best freight broker for their particular needs. The key is to pick one strong purpose–that way you don’t dilute your page and lose followers.

2. Unidentified Audience

If you followed the above advice, you have a clearly-defined purpose which will be a guiding light to writing and curating the best content.  Now you have to ask the all important question–who is the ideal person to consume your particular content?  What is their demographic?  What is their age range and occupation?  Facebook’s algorithms help track whether or not you are meeting your goals, but you need to identify your ideal readers, those folks for whom your content will resonate! After all, how can you evaluate the benefits of your Social Media presence, if you haven’t defined who your followers should be and who you want to convert?

3. Content Doesn’t Encourage Engagement

Does your content not only inform but also encourage your audience to participate in the conversation? Conversation sparks connection! It’s important that your readers feel you are speaking directly to them. They should be comfortable enough to loosen their guard in order to ask you questions. This is how you get your foot in the door! Don’t come off like a salesman–post something funny once in a while, share compelling industry data, ask questions! It’s important to evaluate your content on a regular basis to make sure your content positions you as a friend!

4. Lack of Consistency

How many times have you visited a company’s Social Media page to discover they last posted three years ago? What does this tell you? Does it create doubt? If a company is inconsistent on the web, how likely are they to be inconsistent with you? Think about your own posting–do you post only around the holidays? Sure, everyone likes Christmas, but a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” isn’t going to excite new customers. Balance is tantamount to a relevant Social Media presence. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! If managing a Social Media account will be an additional duty for someone, create realistic expectations. At Squirrel Works, we recommend a hybrid approach where we post on clients’ behalf consistently per a pre-arranged schedule with the client supplementing our posts as they desire. This keeps the page personal while maintaining a consistent posting schedule for the defined audience.

If you correct these four common mistakes by implementing our suggestions, your transportation company’s Social Media presence will be a marketing tool with benefits that far outweigh the time and thought you put into it.

Having a freight brokerage background, I understand the struggle inherent in growing a business while staying on top of daily operations. At Squirrel Works, we believe that a knowledgeable partner can help you create realistic and cost-effective goals for a Social Media presence that will far-exceed your expectations!