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How Can You Get Carriers to Leave Online Reviews?

With platforms like Google My BusinessFacebook, and even DAT offering a review section that shows up on your profile, it’s a great idea to start figuring out ways to utilize these tools to help benefit your freight brokerage. Of course, reviews give your company more credibility and might be the difference that makes carriers choose you over another freight broker.

Research shows that people are very quick to leave negative reviews, but it still remains a challenge getting them to leave positive ones. The main reason is that it takes time out of someone’s already busy day to find links to your social profiles, and leave a review. They’re more likely to make this effort in times when things don’t go to plan, as leaving a negative review often leads to a company taking action and making the unhappy customer a priority. But how can you get people to visit your social platforms, and leave a positive review after a pleasant experience with your company?

A good approach is to have an automated system that emails your customer after your job has been completed. The email should be short, to the point and must include links to both your Facebook and Google My Business profiles. It could read something simple like, “Did you enjoy using our service?  Please tell us what you liked!” or “By reviewing our services, you are helping us improve our approach!”

By putting the direct links to your review sections in front of your customer, and giving them a call-to-action, you are more likely of getting people clicking through and leaving reviews.

Remember not to follow up right after completing the job – give them a day or two. Don’t be spammy, rather personalize the email with their name and reference the person who was assigned their account. Be friendly, appreciative and ensure that the links work!

Are you still struggling to get carriers to review your services online? We can help improve and manage your online reputation – talk to us, and see how we can help you!