The importance of having an online presence

Gone are the days where potential customers rely on you handing them a business card or discovering your company through an advert in the local newspaper. These days, customers need you to be available everywhere, better known as online. To put it simply, without a digital presence, it is likely that your ideal customer is choosing your competitor over you because they don’t know that you exist.

Online is not the future – it is the NOW – and delaying your digital marketing strategy any longer means that you’re saying no to growth and evolving with the rest of the industry. Just as your equipment needs maintenance to keep going, so does your marketing strategy, and right now, it demands the implementation of an online presence.

Start by taking a look at your website – is it communicating your brand’s message? Does it say that you are leaders in logistics? Are you in the good books with Google? Are you using the best practices to ensure that your customer finds you with ease? Is your website mobile responsive? Are people able to connect to your social media platforms from your website?

From there, it’s important to start implementing changes; perhaps you need a website redesign? Make sure that whoever you work with is caught up with the latest trends and practices and takes into consideration the effect your content has on your SEO. Have you spoken to them about what you’d like to achieve from your SEO strategy? What about your social media profiles, do they know which is best for the industry and when to use Twitter versus Facebook? Have they shown you WHY you need Google My Business?

This can be very overwhelming at first, but that’s why it is so important to partner with a digital marketing team who already understands the industry, and shares your passion of taking your business to new heights. Digital marketing is simple when you’re working with the right people – are you working with the right people? Talk to us and we’ll show you!