Have you signed up for Google My Business, why not?

By the time Google+ rolled out, we were already too busy trying to keep up with a surplus of social media platforms, resulting in companies ignoring the importance and benefits that Google + and Google My Business provides. Is your company already signed up to Google My Business, why not?

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google My Business isn’t for creating a conversation. Instead, it is an important tool that helps improve your ranking on Google while also making it easier for customers to find out key information about your company like how to contact you, where you are located and a direct link to social media platforms and your website.

Google My Business is a free tool that takes a few minutes to sign up and offers a bunch of benefits, yet we still find that most logistics companies are not using the platform effectively, why not?

Mostly because logistics companies aren’t really aware of its benefits or what Google My Business is meant for. Reality is that people barely have enough time to reply to emails, never mind figuring out whether their Google + and Google My Business pages are set up correctly to benefit from these services.

That’s where we come in. AMT Squirrel Works have a passion for logistics and the experience to ensure that you’re making the most of your digital space. It’s no longer about having the biggest marketing budget but rather how effectively you use the tools that online media have provided.

Learning to navigate these platforms can be overwhelming and often leads to you signing up and leaving your profile to gather dust, which can be even more damaging – trust the people who are driven to take your business to new heights. Trust Squirrel Works.