Reasons to attend DAT User Conference 2017

The DAT User Conference is taking place soon and if you’re still undecided on whether to attend, this may help, as we share some benefits of attending the upcoming conference.

Educational opportunities

I am sure that we can all agree that no matter how long you’ve been working in the logistics industry, we can all learn more. The DAT User Conference not only provides insight of what you can expect from the software but also gives you the opportunity to meet with like-minded people where you can bounce ideas from one another, learning about how others are meeting the transportation challenges that we are all facing and how you can better your own approach.

Networking with peers

Industry-based conferences, like DAT User Conference, provides a great opportunity to network. While competitors tend to avoid one another in business, conferences allow us to leave everything at the door and give us a chance to meet new people within the industry. This can become a valuable resource for referrals and best-practices. Remember that by avoiding peers, you can end up limiting your own success, so focus on collaborating and working together to uncover new business approaches that will grow the logistics industry. (Read more about networking opportunities)

Be seen as an expert

Being active in the logistics industry means that you will develop a reputation for being an expert among your peers and clients. Often, those who are engaged in industry based conferences, like DAT User Conference, over a long period of time are asked to speak or write for industry publications. Of course, being seen as an expert in your field has its advantages and customers will feel good about doing business with an industry leader like yourself, while peers will continue to look to you for assistance.

Feel inspired

DAT User Conference provides the chance to talk to people who just “get it.” They not only understand the industry but they are facing the same challenges as you. Taking this time to get together provides a unique opportunity to brainstorm new innovations and approaches, and often means that you come back with renewed inspiration to tackle your own business and better things by incorporating new technologies and systems, that were discussed at the conference.

Will you be attending McLeod Software User Conference 2017? We’d love to meet up to chat about how digital marketing is moulding the future of transportation and logistics. Get in touch and let’s grab a coffee.