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Networking at DAT User Conference 2017

DAT User Conference 2017 is drawing close and provides a great opportunity to market your logistics company to people that are already within the industry. The benefits of networking at these sorts of conferences prove to be both short and long-term and are valuable to your company and marketing strategy. However, simply attending the event is not quite enough, you should also be sure to brush up on your networking skills to connect with like minded people, at the event!

Schedule free time

Multi-day conferences like DAT’s User Conference have become quite popular in recent years, providing you with time to connect, share and explore with others at the conference. Never underestimate the value of face-to-face meetings that conferences provide, so be sure to leave gaps in your schedule to grab a spontaneous cup of coffee with peers you’ve met at the conference, allowing time to connect and chat.

Know who is attending

As the conference draws nearer, start researching who is expected to attend the conference and ways that you can get in touch to introduce yourself and perhaps schedule a brief meeting whilst at the conference. Some conferences will provide you with a list of people who are planning to attend, while others make the information available on the conference app or website. You can also check social media and see who is using the conference hashtag in anticipation for their attendance, and who is tagging the conference organizers. This practice really maximizes your chances of making new connections within the limited networking time.

(P.S. We are attending, so be sure to get in touch to chat to us about digital marketing within the logistics industry)

Have a “why?”

Before entering a room full of people that you’re hoping to land as your newest client, remember to have a reason for your attendance – what are you hoping to achieve? What services will you be marketing? How do you plan on converting connections to sales? Before heading out to meet potential clients, practice your sales pitch and remember that no one else will be talking for you – it’s up to you to come to the conference prepared so know your business and be ready to answer any and all questions.

Give them something to remember you by

There is nothing more embarrassing than meeting a potential client who is very interested in what you have to offer, but then awkwardly realizing that you don’t have any business cards to hand to them. Make sure to have business cards ready and more importantly, make sure that all the details on them are correct! Besides business cards, think further; is your website up to date? Does your company come across as the future of logistics and transportation? Have you taken the time to set up social media accounts and have them actively sharing more about your company? You could even go further and hand out corporate gifts that they will use like notebooks and pens, perhaps even include a USB that has your services, FAQs, testimonials available in an insightful and self-explanatory layout.

Are you prepared for DAT User Conference? We will be in attendance and are looking forward to sharing how digital marketing can change the way that you do business. Be sure to contact us, if you’d like to schedule a meeting or even chat about what you can do to maximize your networking efforts at the upcoming conference.