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Is it Possible to Grow Your Audience Organically in Transportation and Logistics?

Social media is changing the way that we do business in the Transportation and Logistics industry, or at least the way that we acquire new customers and engage with them. But with its popularity, the advertising opportunities have evolved and nowadays it seems nearly impossible to grow an audience organically.

Organic growth means gaining followers without paying the platform to boost or advertise your company to your ideal audience. In other words, you gain followers by them finding your Facebook page on their own; perhaps linked on your website, through a newsletter, or maybe through you or a friend inviting them to like and follow your social platforms.

These days, social media has evolved in a way that brings us an entirely new level of advertising opportunities in the Transportation and Logistics industry. Thanks to its advancements, we are able to run targeted ads that can go as far as considering your habits, hobbies, age, gender, and location. It opens us up to an entirely new world but they come at a cost.

Due to the popularity of these targeted campaigns, platforms like Facebook have altered their algorithms to show preference towards paid advertising. This can be problematic to companies who do not have the budget to pay for advertising.

Organic growth is not impossible, but it does take time. You can start by inviting friends and family who are already on your friend’s list to like your Facebook page and encourage them to do the same by inviting their friends. You can also add a button linking to your social platforms, on your website so that anyone who visits your website can visit your social platforms and give you a like!

Next, you can inform your network of staff and ask them to like and follow you on Facebook, perhaps they can also suggest some content ideas of things that they’d like to see on your Facebook page. Lastly, consider sending out a newsletter campaign to existing customers, carriers and newsletters subscribers telling them that they can now reach you on Facebook – maybe mention that they can review your services, see what community projects you are part of and whatever else you wish to promote on your social media accounts.

For a more targeted approach, consider saving your time by opting to use the paid advertising tools available through each platform. Overwhelmed by all the options or scared of wasting your money? Give us a call, we can manage your ad campaigns and ensure a successful turnover.