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What’s the Point of Having Google My Business For a Logisitcs Company?

At AMT Squirrel Works, we consider ourselves experts in digital marketing for Transportation and Logistics which includes both SEO and social media management. Often, we get asked what’s the point of us signing our clients up for a Google My Business account. Having a Google My Business account is more about SEO benefits, with a touch of social media management.

Think about it; we practice SEO to improve the ranking of your logistics company on Google, so of course, Google will show preference to those who make use of their own products – I mean, wouldn’t you?

Google My Business offers a variety of benefits, some which include:

Google displays the important stuff

Instead of customers having to navigate your website, hoping to find key information, Google summarizes it across Google My Business, Google+ and Google Maps. This business information includes a description of your business, contact information, business hours, directions to your location, customer reviews, and a handy ‘call now’ button which is displayed on mobile. They also include a button to click over to your website, making it easy for potential customers to find out more about the services that you offer.

Better Visibility on Google

AMT Squirrel Works - Logistics and Transportation MarketingHave you ever searched for a local business and seen that some businesses are featured in the right panel, next to the search results? Surprisingly, this doesn’t cost a thing and has nothing to do with Google Adwords, but instead, it is just another benefit of being listed on Google My Business. The great thing about this feature is that all the essential information is displayed and anything else is just a click away.

Put your logistics business on the (Google) Map

Google has several products that interlink with one another which help to improve your chances of being seen by potential customers. Another nifty feature of Google My Business is that Google also adds your logistics company’s information to Google Maps so that customers can navigate with ease to your location. They’ll also be able to see your business information listed on your Google My Business profile. This is not only helpful when needing directions to your company’s location but also helps drive new customers, who are searching for local logistics companies.

Have you thought of using Google My Business to improve your SEO and how customers find you? We can help set up your account and manage your social platforms to ensure that your company is found!