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How to use a blog to promote your logistics company

For years blogging has always been seen as just a hobby – something that you do, when you want to share your passion with other like-minded people, but in recent years it has become a marketing strategy that helps promote your logistics company while also improving your ranking on Google through SEO.

For starters, blogging can be used to promote your logistics company’s ethics and culture. Visit a few websites of fellow logistics companies, and I am sure you will notice that there’s a trend where companies say the same sort of things like, “we treat our drivers/employees like family. Join our family!” or “We believe in giving back to the community.” It is all fair and well putting these phrases on your website, but is there anything showing that your company is actively working on creating that environment within the workspace? You could use your company’s blog as a way to showcase recent team building activities, share stories from your staff and even the ways in which your company is working to build and promote your community.

You can also use your blog to share how your company is incorporating the latest logistics trends and innovations. We all read about the newest technologies and how they help to improve the transportation industry, but potential customers want to see that you are actually making use of it and how it helps save them time and money. Blogging is a wonderful way to story tell while sharing your company’s approach so that more people can see the appeal of choosing to work with your company.

Another clever way to use your logistics blog is by chatting more about what services you offer and how you deliver on your promise to your customer. This helps contribute to your SEO in a big way, which works to improve your ranking on Google but also shows that you are experts in your industry. You can even share scenarios and logistics challenges that you’ve recently encountered when helping a customer, and how you and your team were able to provide a solution.

Corporate blogging may seem like a chore at first, but it can be a fun way to share bits and pieces of your company that people don’t usually get to see, and when used correctly, blogging can be an effective and cheap marketing tool that gives you long-term benefits.

Have you thought about starting a blog on your logistics company’s website? If you feel overwhelmed and are not too sure where to begin, contact our team of content writers who will happily help tell your company’s stories!