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Why are logistics companies paying for social media management?

Signing up for a social media account is free and using it as a marketing tool can be too, so it is understandable why so many logistics companies beg to ask, why are people paying companies like AMT Squirrel Works, to manage their social media?

Using social media to reconnect with friends from school, sharing pictures of your family and keeping up to date with the latest news is very different from using social media to market your company. There are several things that you need to consider; from your brand’s appearance, messaging, tone to how to acquire and engage with your ideal audience. Truth is, using social media to market your company can become very complicated and if not done correctly, can damage your company’s reputation.

At AMT Squirrel works, our passion lies within logistics but our exceptional knowledge in digital marketing is what sets us apart from any other marketing company. We already understand your target market and the logistics industry so navigating your brand’s appearance on social media is no challenge. As with everything, marketing a logistics company is very different from marketing any other company and through our experience, we have managed to tweak our approach and have learned which platforms and practices work best.

The reality is that more logistics companies are realizing the importance of having a digital presence and see how others in the industry are already using social media to connect with shippers, customers, and drivers. But they soon learn that it isn’t quite as easy as signing up for a Facebook account – it takes time to learn how often you should be posting, what time of day your target audience is online, and what you should be posting about. Why waste the time trying to figure it out, when we already have the tools and infrastructure to do that for you!

We’ve all seen how some companies got it wrong, on social media – don’t let that be you! Save yourself the time and hassle of learning to navigate the digital world of marketing and let our team of experts show you how to monopolize on social media as a marketing tool.