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Why is my logisitcs company not showing up on Google?

Have you ever taken the time to Google your logistics company? Start by thinking of words that your ideal shipper or carrier would typically search to find you. For instance “Freight Broker in Olney” or “Logistics companies in Olney.” It isn’t any good just Googling your name because that would mean your potential customer needs to know the name of your company to begin with, so how do acquire brand new customers who have never heard of your company – how do they find you?

It is believed that Google processes over 40,000 searches per second which translates to more than 3,5 billion searches per day, making it one of the most powerful resources and marketing opportunities for you and your company.

So, you’re probably wondering how can you make the best of this marketing tool. Well, it takes some know-how, patience and understanding your business and target customer.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process where you drive traffic to your company’s website through organic measures. This means that you don’t pay to run an advertisement to attract new customers, instead, you work on improving your SEO organically so that your customer is more likely to find you through a quick Google Search. The advantage is that it is more affordable than an ad campaign which will only benefit you until your budget runs out, and SEO will continue to benefit you a year or even 5 years from now.

AMT Squirrel Works prides itself on our passion for all things digital marketing, but we pay special attention to what your website says about your company and especially how people are finding you or why they’re not finding you.  We understand that SEO seems like just another marketing strategy that you don’t quite understand, would love to use, but don’t have the time to learn, so we have made it easy for you!

We offer SEO services to set up and maintain your website so that Google. We guide you through the entire process and start by creating and researching keywords that target your customers by asking, “what should your target customer search to find you?” From there, we go through your website and ensure that the content is relevant, engaging and check whether Google is aware you exist or if you’ve somehow managed to get into their bad books.

Are you interested in learning more about how to improve your company’s SEO? Feel free to get in touch and let our team help you!