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Common Driver Recruitment Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

Driver recruitment is important to the success of any freight transportation company. As a result, every logistics company should take the hiring process seriously and avoid making these mistakes, to ensure that only dependable, passionate, experienced and responsible drivers are hired.

  1. Ignoring Your Online Reputation

In this digital era a majority of professionals, including drivers, use the internet to search for jobs and to read employee reviews about particular companies before they even consider working for those companies. The more established your online reputation is, the easier it is for the right drivers to search and find your company online. Ignoring that the internet affects the reputation of your transportation and logistics company is a huge mistake to your driver recruitment campaign. You can start by monitoring the online reputation of your company on a regular basis and instead of just displaying advertisements try to interact with your visitors actively on social media and on your blog. For a quick check-up just Google your company’s name and find out what people are saying about you.

  1. Hiring a Person Because You Know Them

When it comes to driver recruitment a majority of recruiters make the mistake of hiring someone in their existing network because they just want to help out. Hiring friends, relatives and acquaintances is only effective when that person is a seasoned pro in the logistics and transportation industry. It becomes a huge problem when the person hired is green for the job at hand or when he/ she have a history of poor employee/ employer relations. As much as it is okay to hire the people you know it is also vital to take the same proactive precautions you would with complete strangers to ensure the drivers hired are a perfect fit for your logistics company.

  1. Negative Stereotyping

Recruiting drivers based on stereotypes instead of being open to people from different backgrounds and ages is another huge mistake when it comes to driver recruitment. Your first mission is to hire a qualified truck driver. Things like their religious and political beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or economical background should not be the point of interests.

  1. Ignoring Experts

Companies often overwhelm themselves by trying to recruit truck drivers themselves, not knowing what to look for or what to expect from the process. Instead, choose to hire an experienced panel of recruiters to conduct the entire recruitment on your behalf. The team of experts will know exactly what to do and what to look for, in order to get you the right drivers.

  1. Failure to Appreciate the Trucking Industry

If you fail to appreciate the role of your prospective truck drivers you will only end up discouraging the next generation from taking up the available jobs in the logistics and transportation industry. When a chance arises for you to promote the benefits of the logistics industry grab it with passion. Appreciate your seasoned and new employees and show them how vital their role is to the economy.

Finding and recruiting new truck drivers not only costs thousands of dollars but also takes a lot of time and expertise. In order to recruit the right drivers, it is important to come up with an effective driver retention and recruitment strategy. Try these tips to help achieve excellent results when it comes to hiring the right drivers for your logistics and transportation company.