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Three Logistics Tools You Need!

To provide the most creative transportation services to your clients, you may require the help of online logistics tools. In addition to boosting efficiency, online tools can help supply chain managers cut unnecessary expenses.


But there are so many tools out there! How do you know which ones work, which ones you should use?


Here’s a list of three great tools you should check out today!  


Fleet Maintenance Pro

This top fleet management software is all you need when it comes to accident tracking, driver management and much more. Fleet Management Pro simplifies tracking, preventative information, and scheduling repair for your fleet. This software is easy to use and gives you the power to track every tiny detail in your supply chain. It features color-coded and PM alerts to ensure you are notified when and if a specific vehicle or tool is due for maintenance or servicing.


MyRouteOnline Software

This online logistics tool is a route planning program that enables you to create a single route or several routes on the go. The software allows you to plan routes according to your preferences according to your preferences for speed, length, or balance. You can also use MyRouteOnline to reload your routes online, to save and export your routes to Excel, and even print a large map of your territories and routes. Once you’ve created routes and exported them to Excel, you can share your route plans with drivers via GPS or mobile apps. MyRouteOnline works great for emergency dispatch, and also for capacity planning, GPS tracking, route casting, driver management territory management, and more!


ServiceMax App

If you’re a logistics professional, you should consider downloading this mobile application because in the field of service management, it’s one of the best. The Service Max App merges the integration of order, service contracts, workforce, and interactive social media clients. You receive feedback from visitors and clients via social media. This feedback helps you reach benchmarks while creating a roadmap for improvement.


In addition to boosting your company’s performance, these online tools will turbo-charge your profitability and customer satisfaction. Which online logistics tools do you use?