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5 Things Every Truck Driver Recruiter is Looking at Before Hiring You

It’s common knowledge that the trucking industry still faces a huge shortage of experienced truck drivers. Recruiters are faced with the tough challenge of adding the right candidates to their pool of qualified drivers. If you’re looking to apply for a truck driving position soon, be sure to use these tips to know what the recruiter is most likely looking for, from a potential driver.

  1. Relevant Training and Education

Even though a truck driver doesn’t need to have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma, most truck driver recruiters look for candidates who have attended at least a professional truck driving class. Recruiters insist on this requirement to ensure that the hired truck drivers have the relevant knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience from reputable driving schools.

  1. Alcohol and Drug-Free

Before hiring, most truck driver recruiters will need you to take alcohol and pre-employment drug tests. They will also want to know if you were ever involved in an accident, no matter whose fault it was. To pass this test it is important to understand that CDL truck drivers have a legal alcohol limit of 0.4 (half the normal limit).

  1. Commitment, Responsibility, and Flexibility

Truck driving not only requires a great sense of responsibility but also commitment and flexibility in adapting to changing situations. From severe weather to unfavorable road conditions, good truck drivers must be ready to adjust accordingly in order to get cargo to the required destination with a clear head. This is why truck driver recruiters look for candidates who are ready to follow all the safety requirements without giving excuses. Additionally, the right candidates must be good at time management to ensure the timely delivery of freight.

  1. Patience and Alertness

Truck driving presents numerous challenges to drivers every single moment that they take to the road. Therefore, recruiters need drivers who are not just patient but also aware of everything around them. No matter the situation, a good truck driver should always remain patient and calm.

  1. Good Physical Shape and Basic Mechanical Skills

Since you will be moving freight frequently most truck driver recruiters will need you to be in at least acceptable physical shape. You do not need to be a marathon runner or a weight lifter, but you must ensure you have the physical stamina to work long hours daily. Additionally, you must have the basic knowledge and skills of how your vehicle operates. Truck driver recruiters are looking for candidates who can perform basic truck maintenance and repairs like changing a tire.

Are you a recruiter? What are some of the things you look for from potential candidates.