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3 Logistics and Transportation Podcasts you Should be Listening to

Logistics and transportation can sometimes feel over  complicated, and often it takes a lot of effort and attention to understand the industry and all the moving parts to ensure its success. As logistics specialists and professionals, our effectiveness relies on knowing what is required of us to get the job done, while staying ahead of industry trends, new technologies and policies being put into place. While not all of us have the time to catch up on the industry’s leading magazines, we can multi-task and spend some time listening to a podcast on the commute to work or during a workout.

Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights

This podcast is presented by Supply Chain Insights, a company renowned for being leaders in supply chain management. The Straight Talk podcast introduces you to conversations from industry experts covering everything from effective warehouse management to the recruitment of millennials into the freight transportation industry. This podcast also provides insight into the daily hurdles and problems facing the logistics and transportation industry. If you are searching for action-focused and up-to-date logistics and transportation content, this is the right podcast to listen to.

Supply Chain Digest

If you are looking for some of the best supply chain insight and news, this is the podcast to check out. Their live and on-demand videocasts reveal some of the most vital trends and topics in the supply chain industry. You may also find their weekly newsletter to be helpful too, as it covers the latest information for all logistics and supply chain professionals. Some of the best episodes you will find in this podcast include the on-demand videocasts on the trail to traceability, managing risks in a multi-tier supply chain, and much more. Podcasts

Right now, this the only podcast exclusively dedicated to cover the movement of information and products in the food supply chain. Most of their episodes on their podcast feature interviews from industry experts on various supply chain topics such as trade issues, life truck design, and much more.

We believe that the best way to continue being effective at managing and understanding the different logistics challenges and complexities, is to listen and learn from industry peers about the trials, tribulations, and achievements that each are facing. Which podcasts will you be listening to, on your drive home?